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Another thing besides typography that spinns my world around is line drawing. I’ve never dived into it besides enjoy watching it but I’ll definitely do it very soon. And my favorite theme in line drawing is hair. And just look at this amazing artist above, Hong Chun Zhang. Perfection.


Skärmavbild 2014-08-06 kl. 11.23.15


It might seem strange to those who don’t work with graphic design, or any other kind of design for that matter. But a really good font gives me goosebumps. I even asked my teacher in school to give me books and lessons in the art of typography. And that’s how I got my first job at the magazine Nyheter24, for my knowledge in typography. So its very useful to know.


So these are a few of my newest favorites! And you can find many more in this great article (also the downloads for the fonts below).



Lost in the studio

So, sorry for being away for ages. I totally got lost in the studio and haven’t done much more than hurting myself with needles (work-wise of course you sick bastard). Making dresses and tons of accessories. Now my biggest problem is – its so freaking out of date with silk/plastic flowers that I’m about to tear this internet-thingy down. Probably just head for IKEA. However, these flowers are a part of my secret plans that I’ve been working on for weeks now and its very exciting. Tell you more within two weeks.



Japan // pt. 1 // The Fashion

Just came home from 10 fucked up amazing days in Tokyo, Japan. Its been a surrealistic dream finally coming true since I’ve dreamt about it for many many years now. And someday, I will definitely come back. So this is gonna be a photo explosion in a few parts. Starting with some fashion, shops and fashionistas from the future, that you won’t find anywhere else than in Japan. And that unbelievably cool Superman jacket, DC Comics Originals, a few pictures down I brought with me back to Sweden <3







This I call a Selfie

“You are the artist, architect, designer, philosopher, magician, sleuth, and adventurer. You are the New Creative…”


One massive mix of different creative minds becomes the canvas of their own art. Their work gets projected in their white painted face and creates in my eyes, perfection. Powered by my biggest internet crush, Behance.

Skärmavbild 2014-04-07 kl. 23.33.26


YouTube Preview Image

Swedish Horns for SBCA & House of Session

Last thursday Swedish Beauty & Cosmetic Awards were held at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm where they handed out awards for 38 different products. House of Session were in charge of the whole layout of the event + the amazing performances. I had the opportunity to create a piece to be worn by the wonderful Gretchen. It took about 60-75 hours to make, I lost control of the time, and its made out of  mirror-fabric and chicken wire.


Maxi skirts

Don’t happen often these days, in a way very grateful for that – loads of graphic design on the menu, but I got a few days off to do what I love the most. Create beautiful things for people to wear. This time I did a skirt for my own wardrobe and a maxi skirt in red tulle for my sister in crime, Camilla. Now I just have to deliver it and wait for some beautiful pictures of her in it! Pishi was, as always together with Fleet (dog) my quality controller.





Nothing comes out. Nothing comes in.

I work 24/7 with design. Whether its corporate presentations, posters for artists or logos for restaurants. Or designs for my clothing brand Swedish Horns. Doesn’t matter what the subject is, I do it all the time. And sometimes you’re just blank. Nothing comes out. Nothing comes in. You’re just stuck in a big shitty hole of nothing.


And this is what I do to break free from it. Design things that doesn’t really have any purpose other than being pretty. And I do it just for me.


I start with doing a base in Illustrator. Place it in photoshop and add some textures (this Daphnis Nerii is filled with birds and glitter).


After adding a bunch of effects, colors and styles, I’ve got my mind going and its easier to design things that I have to do for others.


Lost & Taken

Boy, am I glad I found this website. Nerd warning. Lost & Taken publish high resolution textures free to download. I use them to get a nice texture on photos but they’re also great for backgrounds in web design, presentations etc. Check it out!