Tokyo | All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful

While you’re reading this I’m in Tokyo with my hubby. I’ve been dreaming about this day since I was 16 years old. Watching every single episode of Naruto, movies from Studio Ghibli while eating Japanese crackers and noodles and sketching manga at the same time. For me its very surreal. Studio Ghibli Museum is on the list of things we want to do and by tomorrow it will be in our reach. We went to see the beautiful piece by Hayao Miyazaki (co-founder of Studio Ghibli) – The Wind Rises, which is, with tears in my eyes, his last film. Thank you for every beautiful thing you’ve brought to this world.


The quote “All I wanted to do was to make something beautiful” by the aircraft designer Jiro Horikoshi inspired Miyasaki to make this film.


See you in a few days, with tons of tips, photos, videos and shopping from Tokyo.



I’ve got many, very talented friends, and my pal Måns Billner is one of them. He just released his first production under his own name and its great. Take a minute or two, 3.20 to be exact, and listen to it.

Produced by Mans Billner
Vocals by Join The Riot
Upcoming videorelease: March 25th 2014


A meeting with: Lé Betre

The 28th of february this blues-rock-heavy-bearded-band released their first album. I sat down to chat with two of the boys in the group of four.


I recently did a post about Music from the hood and you were one of the bands that was listed, how important is your town to your music?

Anders: I think it’s really important. We spend almost every day in this town and it’s affecting how our music turns out when we write it. Especially now in winter time, it sort of makes your music more heavy


Do you think you’d have a completely different sound if you came from a more sunny part of the world?

Anders: I don’t know. Maybe. You get your influences from listening to other sorts of music but for me, personally, I get a lot of influence from the environment. So I guess if I grew up in Miami maybe my part in Lé Betre would influence our sound a bit more different. That’s a good question. Very Philosophical, haha.


You have to keep it philosophical when talking to musicians, don’t you think?

Anders: Not necessarily but there are no rules in music and no paths to follow even though there’s millions of musicians out there. I think you have to find your own way to do things . Like in our case where there’s four individuals with different minds and influences.


When listening to your music, you get the feeling of a band sticking to some old school sounds which you don’t hear much these days, how much attention do you pay to the commercial sounds?

Roger: Roger: For me, personally, not at all. Because all I listen to is really from the 60s and 70s. I’d rather cut my ears off than turn on the radio. Even the ones that were good a few years ago has gone mainstream. There are So many great bands out there so I recommend everyone to find their own music instead of settling for what the media gives you.


What are your expectations for the new album?

Roger: Hopefully it will generate a lot more shows and help us reach out to a new and wider audience. I also hope that the listener will feel something. It doesn’t matter if you turn it on while having sex with your partner, attending a party or just crying while listening. That would be the best, to have someone feeling something while listening to our music.


Judging by your previous music, it would be pretty rough Sex! Have you had sex to your own music?

Roger: Hahah no! That would be really wierd listening to Marcus voice while having sexy time. I kind of get these American Psycho-vibes when thinking of it. You know, Patrick Bateman fucking while flexing his arms looking in the mirror!


Sex, drugs and alcohol, which categories do the members fit into?

Anders: I don’t think there’s any really promiscuous sex because some of us have girlfriends. About the drugs part, I personally include alcohol in the drug category, I guess maybe if we we’re a lot younger and having a huge success we would be more exposed to it. But I also think that there’s a lot to discuss in the Swedish drug laws. Both regarding alcohol and other drugs. Wow, this got political all of a sudden! Speaking of that. Let’s vote right this next election in Sweden. And by voting right I don’t mean right if you know what I mean..



(Anonymous Record Label, Booking Agency or Talent Agency etc asks three questions)


Why should a booking agency pick you over other bands?

Because we don’t have one and because Anders needs to focus more on the guitar rather than writing emails all day long


What do you expect now, in the time between the release of your first album and the second one?

We’re currently booking shows for the spring and summer so hopefully a lot of shows. We also expect to get Lé Betre outside of Sweden for the first time to our listeners around Europe and the US who wants us to come.


What do you think is the most important ingredient for a band to be successful today?

For us it’s important to have a good and genuine contact with our audience. They are the ones helping us grow and spreading the word about us.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 people in Sigtuna or  hundreds of peoples in Stockholm. Showing up and give them a great show, is the most important thing for us.