Maxi skirts

Don’t happen often these days, in a way very grateful for that – loads of graphic design on the menu, but I got a few days off to do what I love the most. Create beautiful things for people to wear. This time I did a skirt for my own wardrobe and a maxi skirt in red tulle for my sister in crime, Camilla. Now I just have to deliver it and wait for some beautiful pictures of her in it! Pishi was, as always together with Fleet (dog) my quality controller.





Saturday Funday

This weekend we went to the most amazing studio I’ve ever been to. Think Camilla spent some time on the countryside, got some fresh air, came up with about 197 ideas and picked one out. Agnes were behind the camera, me infront, and Cam did the make up and everything else. Hasselblad, chocolate, Fleet running around like a maniac chewing on brushes, loads of coffee and creative ideas. Had almost forgotten how much I love being in the studio, usually behind the camera. Can’t wait to see the result!



Photo shoot

From time to time I do photo shoots with my co-curator here on the site, Camilla, and this is the result from one of them.


Photo: Me
Make up: Camilla Lindholm
Model: Fabriona Andersson
Vest: Heidi Nilausen