Took a long walk with my frencie to Scandinavian Photo to not only find out that my studio lights were all good (thank you) but also some pretty cool macro lenses from Phottix. Just did some test photos and I already love them. You get 4 different lenses (I use them on our NX300 from Samsung) for less than 300 sek. Great deal!


Saturday Funday

This weekend we went to the most amazing studio I’ve ever been to. Think Camilla spent some time on the countryside, got some fresh air, came up with about 197 ideas and picked one out. Agnes were behind the camera, me infront, and Cam did the make up and everything else. Hasselblad, chocolate, Fleet running around like a maniac chewing on brushes, loads of coffee and creative ideas. Had almost forgotten how much I love being in the studio, usually behind the camera. Can’t wait to see the result!